The National Union of

Sierra Leone Students (NUSS)

Russian Federation

- Education, Wisdom and Unity -

Who We Are

NUSS-RF was established to unite Sierra Leonean scholarship students studying under the Bilateral Educational Agreement and Non-scholarship students residing in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (C. I. S), to defend their common and individual interests and promote scholarship and excellence through realization of the aims and objectives set forth in this constitution.

Our Objectives

To protect the interest, integrity and general welfare of all its members.
To promote the spirit of good neighborliness within Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (C I S), the host community.
To promote the academic and social well-being of Sierra Leonean Scholarship and non-scholarship Students in Russia and C I S.
To meet regularly to discuss the academic and general welfare of all its members.
To encourage contacts and establish networking amongst Sierra Leone scholarship and non-scholarship students in Russia and other students elsewhere in the world and maintain close liaison with other Sierra Leonean organizations having similar aims and objectives with NUUS-Russian Federation.
To maintain regular contact with the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education, Freetown, Sierra Leone, and The Sierra Leone Embassy, Moscow with the aim of addressing issues concerning members of this Union.
To uplift the good image of Sierra Leone through organizing educational programs, exhibitions, cultural engagements and sporting events.



Learn more about the activities of the NUSS-RF and what we do on a day to day basis.


Learn about a variety of events through advertisements posted via NUSS-RF.


A collection of critical reading and study material that can be downloaded.

NUSS-RF Executive Council Members 2023/2024

Abdul Karim Williams


Alfred Osman Kamara

Vice President

Kamara Amara King

Secretary General

William Dura Sidique

Asst. Secretary General

Hannah Simeonette Kanu

Financial Secretary

Tatowo B Conteh

Organising Secretary

Bawoh Swaliho Sheku

Social Secretary & PRO

Emmanuel Kalie Kamara

Education Secretary

Kobba Frank Alinmba

Asst. Education Secretary

John Dorkoi Sandi

Auditor General and Private Students Representative

Haja Aminah Bakarr-Conteh


Barka Elizabeth Mamie


Mohamed Jalloh

Moscow State Representative

Posseh Bamoi Kamara

State Representative

Catherine Alim-Sesay

Belgorod State Representative

Kpallu Kpakila Sahr

State Representative (Saint Petersburg, Saratov, Tambov and Mordovia)

Ben Mendekia

Tula State Representative

Solomon Tucker

State Representative (Rostov, Krasnodar, Astrakhan and Vladivostok)


“NUSS is a transparent student organization, with information on its activities accessible to both its members and the public”.
Should you need any further info on NUSS, feel free to reach out to us.
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